Carbohydrates do not affect premenstrual syndrome, experts say

Last updated on September 5th, 2018

Ingesting foods rich in sugars or other types of carbohydrates is not a factor that affects premenstrual syndrome (PMS), according to a study published online in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition in January.

According to the study’s lead author, University of Massachusetts researcher Serena Houghton, there are very few studies on the relationship between carbohydrates and premenstrual syndrome.

About 20% of women, according to the study, experience physical and emotional symptoms a few days before their menstrual periods, as well as the first days of these each month.

Researchers looked at data from 1989. The participants are American nurses aged 25 to 42 who completed a questionnaire on their health and diet each year.

Experts compared 1234 women who were finally diagnosed with PMS with 2426 women who do not have PMS.

After 14 years of follow-up, the researchers concluded that daily consumption of sugars, added sugars, natural sugars, sucrose, fructose or glucose does not affect PMS.

There appears to be one type of sugar, maltose, which has been associated with a 45% risk of premenstrual syndrome. The researchers say this result needs to be further studied to be understood and explained.

Serena Houghton notes that this type of study can help “women with significant symptoms that emanate from PMS and that interfere with many aspects of their daily lives, such as work, school, interpersonal relationships, etc.” “.

Several effective treatments?

According to the obstetrician-gynecologist at the Montefiore Medical Center in New York, Talitha Bruney, the treatments depend on the severity of the symptoms. Often the treatment is tailor-made and has several options.

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