Controversial hiring at the CSLF of PEI : the community wants answers

Last updated on September 5th, 2018

The decision of the Prince Edward Island French School Board (CSLF) to approve the hiring of the head of the organization’s director is creating a stir in the community. The confirmation of Daniel Bourgeois as director of communications raises ethical issues.

The controversy was confirmed Tuesday evening at the monthly meeting of the School Board held in Summerside. “Whispers were heard in the community, but … nobody came to talk to us [or] came to see us,” says Émille Gallant, president of the CSLF.

Thirty people came forward to demand that the school board explain itself. The community demands that it clarify the process that led to the hiring of Daniel Bourgeois, who is the husband of the director.

“If there was a mistake, do not defend the decision, it must be corrected,” said Jeannita Bernard, participant in the meeting and resident of the Évangéline region.

The School Board is defending itself for having used the services of a law firm to ensure the legitimacy of hiring Mr. Bourgeois as director of communications. She assures that he is also the one who seemed the most competent to perform these functions.

“We think we did a process that was fair [and] even consulted experts in the field,” says President Émille Gallant.

Some residents, however, are satisfied with the responses offered at the meeting. “I think there were good questions and that [the representatives of the school board] answered the questions well,” Darlene Arseneau said. The latter was satisfied with the “professionalism” of the organization.

The school board also claims to have addressed itself directly to the Société Saint-Thomas-d’Aquin, which had expressed its discomfort with the appointment of Mr. Bourgeois.

She also maintains that the hiring of Mr. Bourgeois is official.

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