mall community in PEI mobilizes to help a mother and her triplets

Last updated on September 5th, 2018

It is said that a whole village is needed to raise a child, and a small community in Prince Edward Island embodies this proverb.

Residents of Tignish, a 700-strong community on the west side of the island, are scrambling to help Hayley Arsenault, a single mother who gave birth to triplets on Jan. 5.

The community has created a form on which residents are registering day by day for “guarding shifts” to take care of little Hogan, Rylan and Finn.

Volunteer babysitters include Alice Mokler and her two sisters, all retired grandmothers. Ms. Mokler said that she and her sisters were very fond of feeding and cuddling babies, and that they were already attached to the one-month-old triplets.

Hayley Arsenault explained that she had asked for help on social networks because her mother was going back to work and she would have less time to support him. The community’s help will bring some peace of mind to her parents, she said.

She said she was very grateful for all the support offered by her neighbors and pointed out that they were organizing a benefit event for her and her triplets on February 25th.

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