Snow sculpture turns heads in Prince Edward Island

Last updated on September 5th, 2018

The Hardy family and their giant snow monster took first place at the Tyne Valley Winter Carnival Ice Sculpture Contest. The work, which looks like a big reptile eating a car, encourages people to stop.

The sculpture represents a big sea monster engulfing the “oyster-mobile”, a car covered with oyster shells made by the winning family.

“It’s called the East Bideford Sea Monster,” says Sandra Hardy, who helped create the sculpture. According to his estimates, the work measures nearly 12 meters long and 3 high.

People are impressed, if only by the size of the monster.

Nancy Hardy, a member of the winning family of the sculpture contest
After one of the family members offered to make the creature into snow, the rest of the family followed.

“There are 8 children in the family and there are 37 grandchildren, so when everyone gets together around a project, everyone puts on their own. ”

The family will have spent about five hours doing the sculpture. “There were several stiff shoulders because of shoveling,” laughs Sandra Hardy.

She says, however, that with the warmer weather of recent days, the monster may not remain full for a long time. It invites the curious to do quickly before it melts. “It’s not as scary as it looks,” she promises.

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