NB Electric Vehicles: Unused charging stations

Last updated on September 5th, 2018

NB Power’s electric vehicle charging station network serves very little, according to data released during the company’s rate increase hearing.

NB Power pioneered a Level 2 charging station in Bathurst last October, in the presence of two provincial ministers. However, only three vehicles got connected in December, for a total of 41 minutes. They consumed the equivalent of $ 1 in electricity.

The situation was even worse elsewhere: in Tracadie and Richibucto, only one customer stopped at the respective terminals of these cities in December.

Almost as many terminals as electric vehicles

There are currently 88 charging stations in New Brunswick, almost the same number as electric vehicles on provincial roads.

NB Power owns 26 of these terminals. Ten of them are level 3, that is, they can charge a vehicle at 80% in half an hour only. Their use costs $15 an hour. The others are level 2: charging electric vehicle batteries takes a few hours and costs users $1.50.

Despite the lukewarm reception that has been received so far, NB Power intends to install another 18 terminals in the province, which will cost $1.4 million.

Most will be located in rural areas of the province. The energy company wants to calm the apprehensions of those who are reluctant to buy electric vehicles because of their limited autonomy.

It is betting that by installing a complete network of charging stations throughout the province, the purchase of electric vehicles will accelerate in New Brunswick.


NB Power is also considering offering incentives to consumers and organizations such as municipalities that replace their gasoline vehicles with electric vehicles.

During the NB Power’s Energy and Utility Commission hearings on its rates, Keith Cronkhite, Vice President of Business Development at NB Power, argued that his company’s strategy was good in the medium and long term, for its turnover since it will increase consumption, especially at night, when electric vehicles are normally connected.

New Brunswick is also counting on increasing the number of electric vehicles to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. It has set a goal of 2500 new electric vehicles on the roads by 2020, but is very far from the account.

According to data compiled by FleetCarma, there were 97 electric vehicles registered in New Brunswick last September. On average, a new electric vehicle a week was sold last summer in the province.

According to information from Robert Jones, CBC

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