“Toxic” work environment at CCNB

Last updated on September 5th, 2018

Six members of the New Brunswick Community College (NBCC) leadership sign a letter denouncing “the climate of mistrust, abuse of power and / or intimidation” that, in their view, governs the CCNB’s CEO , Liane Roy.

The letter was sent on January 29 to Jean-Jacques Roy, Chair of the CCNB Board of Governors. The six signatories ask him to “commission an independent analysis of the CCNB’s organizational climate”. The goal is to “prevent our organization from becoming more engulfed and suffering irreversible damage”.

“Serious misconduct and inefficiency”

“The cases of serious misconduct and inefficiency involving our CEO have created, over the years, a toxic environment,” reads the letter. As a result, many departures on sick leave, members of management leaving for reasons of organizational climate and an “unprecedented” staff turnover.

Repetitive restructuring

This toxic environment is particularly “fueled by repeated organizational restructuring,” say the signatories. Each restructuring is superimposed on the previous one.

These “annual upheavals” create a “red tape that now paralyzes the entire organization,” reads the letter.

Would these incessant movements and multiple course changes reveal major gaps in vision, direction and leadership?

The six signatories of the letter

“A feeling of distress and mistrust”

These changes have created a climate of insecurity within the CCNB’s directorates and vice-presidencies, according to the letter. It also mentions the outbursts of the CEO, Liane Roy.

Directorates and Vice-Presidents are often victims of character defamation by the CEO and some of his entourage.

The six signatories of the letter

Complaints about these behaviors have been verbalized in the past and led to surveys of consultants who were tasked with analyzing the situation and suggesting solutions.

“Consequences? The information collected by these consultants and investigators was used to mount files against certain individuals and […] threatening dismissal letters were placed in files of certain directorates.”

A single survey in seven years

The six signatories of the letter denounce the fact that “the Board of Governors would have conducted only one exercise for 7 years in the assessment of the leadership of the CEO”. The context of this evaluation exercise alone raises doubts about conflict of interest, we read.

The six members of management therefore ask the Board of Governors to launch an organizational climate survey at CCNB. They claim that this investigation be conducted by an independent external body approved by themselves and that former members of management be included in the interviews. They want to know the results of the survey before the end of April 2018.

In our opinion, the status quo can no longer be tolerated.

The six signatories of the letter

The signatories of the letter are: Paolo Fongemie (Bathurst Campus Director), Suzanne Beaudoin (Campbellton Campus Director), Pauline Duguay (Dieppe Campus Director), François Boutot (Edmundston Campus Director), Alain Boisvert (Director of the campus of the Acadian Peninsula) and Chantal Berthelotte (Director of Student Success).

Post-Secondary Education Minister Roger Melanson and New Brunswick Auditor General Kim MacPherson also received the letter.

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