first gender-neutral toilets at the University of Prince Edward Island

Last updated on September 5th, 2018

This is a first in Prince Edward Island: the very first bathroom with several neutral toilets was opened this week at the University of Prince Edward Island. A major change for LGBTQ community members who would like to see this type of washroom spread throughout the province.

The new university washrooms, located in the library and in the main building, make no gender distinction. Men and women are free to use those of their choice.

Nicole Williams, Communications Manager for the University of Prince Edward Island, points out that this first for the institution meets the needs of all users.

We want to offer as much choice to students as possible, as well as better privacy.

Nicole Williams, Communications Manager, University of Prince Edward Island

Going to the bathroom can be complicated for people in the LGBTQ community.

Jay Gallant is transgender. He says he has been repeatedly assaulted in a “gendered” toilet.

These experiences, he says, have had a negative effect on his physical, mental and psychological state.

He estimates today that the two new genderless toilets on the campus are an encouraging gesture.

No school still has a neutral bathroom for students in Prince Edward Island. While the vast majority of Canadian universities have developed individual washrooms open to all, only a few, including the University of Calgary and St. Mary’s University, Nova Scotia, offer complete “non-gendered” bathrooms. , with several toilets.

Alex MacDonald, a heterosexual student, says island education could be a good way to get things done in the province.

Education would be a very good start. LGBTQ community members should share their experiences on toilet use. This would surely help to change attitudes.

Alex MaDonald, heterosexual

In the meantime, students at the University of Prince Edward Island are calling for the construction of other gender-neutral toilets in all buildings.

An opportunity for the school management to review the first gender-neutral bathrooms with students by the end of the semester.

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