Citizens of Isle Madame, Cape Breton, wait for eight years to renovate their bridge

Last updated on September 5th, 2018

In Nova Scotia, in Cape Breton, the Acadian community of Isle Madame loses patience. The only bridge connecting the island to the mainland is in urgent need of renovations.

Isle Madame is connected to the mainland only by the bridge of Lennox Passage.

An old lift bridge that no longer lifts, pierced fences, crumbling cement and broken mechanisms. It’s been eight years since the province made a commitment to give the structure a facelift, but major work has not started yet.

Warren Cavanagh’s wife had a serious accident here last week. The many signs are confusing.

A car hit him because the speed limit suddenly goes from 80 to 20 km / h. This speed reduction was recommended while waiting for the bridge to be refitted. But these famous repairs do not come. Yet it has been years since the community claims them.

It’s time to move on, Mr. Canavagh wonders how many lives will have to be struck before this problem is solved.

Teddy Poirier, of the sailing club of Lennox Passage, in Escousse, remarks that this bridge has just been welded in closed position. The local marina estimates that about 20% of the boats will not be able to cross this passage anymore.

clubs. All the small businesses on the island will lose money if the boats do not come.

Teddy Poirier, member of the Lennox Passage sailing club

This summer, the big boats will have to round Isle Madame.

Richmond County Conservative MP Alana Paon urges the provincial government.The project has been on the province’s priority list since 2012. For her, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport can no longer turn a deaf ear.

A whole community depends on a bridge that hangs by a thread.

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