Kim Jong US Meet on June has been Canceled

Last updated on September 5th, 2018

Washington: The meeting between the US and North Korean governors on June 12 has been canceled. This is a long-awaited visit across the world, with a few days of evolution. Trump concludes that he is not going to meet Kim. Shortly thereafter, a statement from the White House named Trump titled. ‘I looked forward to meeting you. But, unfortunately lately, you made a lot of hate and hostility towards America in your statements. Such a long-awaited encounters seemed unnecessary in such situations, Trump said to Kim.

America is one of the most strategic tasks to bring North Korea to the world with nuclear weapons. As part of this, the issue of discussion with the country has been brought to the fore. Initially North-South Korea’s Presidents met. Later decided to meet the trump.

However, the United States has imposed certain conditions on Kim. North Korea has stated that it does not have any advantage over nuclear reactors. North Korea warned that if they put further pressure to leave nuclear weapons, they would withdraw from the talks.

Trump also recently suggested that discussions could not take place anymore. But today, in the presence of journalists from different countries, the North Korea nuclear plant has been damaged. Within hours of this, Kim had announced that Trump was canceled.

Analysts believe that Kim has come to the negotiations after completing nuclear tests. At this stage, the intelligence community estimates that North Korea acquired the technology to create full-scale nuclear weapons. On the other hand, the trump was also strategically involved.

Kim tried to bring in the name of the negotiations, while increasing the brush in the form of sanctions. Under this pressure, North Korea has destroyed its nuclear facilities, with the pressure from the international community. The trump, which canceled the talks immediately opened up for further bargaining. Everyone is keen on how Kim will react to this decision.

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