Big Cats Ran out of the Zoo after the Extreme Rains

Last updated on September 5th, 2018

A shocking news is coming from the Munich Zoo of Germany. Police say that two lions, two tigers and a leopard have fled from a zoo in western Germany.

After this, the police has issued an alert in the area, while the local administration has advised people to stay in the house and have said that if you see these violent animals then immediately inform the police.

It is reported that these animals have fled from the Eiffel in the city of Lumenbach. According to the news of the German media, it was raining all night and after the heavy storm, the animals came out and got out of the zoo. According to the German media, a bear was absconding before this zoo, but it was shot by the police as soon as it was found.

It has been told in the Zoo website that there are about 400 animals in this zoo and every year 70000 people come here. The zoo was established in 1965 and in the early years only dogs, asses and wild pigs were kept.

Same situation took place in 2016 were two lions broke out of their enclosures at Leipzig zoo at a point when the zoo was closed. One of the big cats had to be shot down & while keepers managed to force the other loin to get back into cage.
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