Elliott Broidy Made Business While ‘Pretending’ to Help Trump Administration

Elliott Broidy
Last updated on September 5th, 2018

The Trump administration looked at Elliott Broidy as a critical fundraiser for their party and its campaigns. Meanwhile, for Elliott Broidy, funding Donald Trump’s presidential campaign was an assignment to fetch topnotch business and political opportunities. The kind of inside access Broidy had in the Trump administration was exceptionally valuable on the international stage. And it apparently did win him a great bunch of business and political deals, eventually.

Earlier, an investor and security provider in the US, Broidy gradually turned into a fund-raiser for the Trump administration during Trump’s presidential campaign. Soon after establishing strong ties within the administration, the GOP fundraiser started flaunting his inside access to the ‘who’s and who’ of the political world by either giving away tickets to an exclusive, VIP event with a candlelight dinner attended by Trump or arranging invitations to parties hosted at Trump’s hotel in Washington. This type of approach inside one of the world’s most significant administrations meant a lot on global stage where the idea of support from the American president was considered to benefit foreign leaders directly.

Broidy literally capitalized on his connections within the Trump administration by using it as a business card amongst influential personalities, especially the politicians. He boasted his defense contracting firm’s clients and potential customers of his capability to ‘broker meetings with the US President along with his administration and allies in the congress.

Meanwhile, Broidy stated the following the claims by stating, “The idea that our success derives from activities around last year’s presidential inauguration is not only misplaced but insulting to the careers and capabilities of our highly trained and decorated veterans”.

A lot of associates warned Broidy about his aggression and asked him to tone down his approach, saying that his efforts could act against him. Not considering the statement as a warning, Broidy continued to use his influence and even lobbied the White House in an effort to change the US foreign policy in the Middle East.

Broidy pleaded guilty in 2009 for bribing New York state officials with approximately $1 million worth of gifts to fetch a $250 million contract for his company along with the state’s public pension fund. In addition, he further paid restitution worth $18 million to escape jail term.

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