‘Irregular Immigrants’ in Canada on the rise post Trump’s Immigration policies

Trump’s Immigration policies
Last updated on September 5th, 2018

The number of people crossing from United States into Canada has reached thousands wanting to claim the Refugee Status. The decision has come at the time when U.S. president, Trump’s immigration policies clash with the #WelcomeToCanada posture of Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

We often hear people reinstating the fact that Canada is a nation made up by the immigrants, accepting people from all around the globe. However, the divisive oratory used by the President Donald Trump has triggered changes in a worst possible way.

The immigration policies of Trump administration now eliminates each and every individual trying to enter the country legally. Likewise, for the citizens who have lived and worked in the America for years, the fear to deport under the new law has multiplied itself by many. To an extent that people have started moving from America to Canada.

Ever Since Donald Trump took charge, Canada has seen the number of US citizens in Canada grow. However, the big issue with the increase in number is the illegal ways people are using to enter the country.

The Illegal immigrants that cross the border use some other place other than the legitimate crossing station, made specifically to cater the moving of citizens. However, as noted by Toronto Star the critics continuously blame that the following situation is a result of 2004 pact between the U.S. and Canada called as the ‘Safe Third Country Agreement’.

According to the which, people who have requested asylum in the U.S. first can claim the same in Canada. Therefore, the New Democrats are calling on the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to withdraw the agreement signed in 2005, declaring the U.S as safe country. Also, last week, Progressive Conservatives at the Queen’s Park, Ontario’s provincial legislature, joined the battled attacking the Prime Minister.

The conservatives also want the Prime Minister, Trudeau to change the terms of agreement so it applies to the entire border.  This would mean that the irregular or illegal immigrants would not be allowed to apply for the status of asylum in Canada.

The Immigration and Refugee Board, an independent body looking into the matter is bogged down and cannot match the pace with the number of requests for asylum. Earlier, while it took 16 months to process a claim it is now taking approximately 20 months to process a claim.

Therefore, this political unrest and the growing confusion amid the tensions between US and Canada call for immediate action. However, the fear of losing everything under the Trump’s policies for immigration, might trigger a whole new level of economic destabilization.

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