Could Houthi’s Attack on Saudi Ship Further Intensify Yemen Crisis?

Houthi rebels
Last updated on September 5th, 2018

Recently, the Iran-backed Houthi rebel groups of Yemen caused Saudi Arabia to suspend its oil shipments via one of world’s most critical tanker route, Red Sea Bab al-Mandeb strait, by attacking two of its ships.

Yemen, for years, has been a place of war for the Saudi-led coalition against the Iran-backed Houthi rebels. In the three-year war, both the sides at war have caused significant damage to each other. The recent attack by Houthi’s on one of Saudi’s ships in the most critical oil trading routes, causing it to halt oil exports by the gulf nation, is probable of inducing KSA to carry out a bigger attack on the Houthis. However, the only thing that has been keeping the international human rights community worried is the intensification of Yemen crisis following the probable backfire by Saudi Arabian government.

Moreover, missiles have also been fired into Saudi Arabia by the Houthi militants building up reasons for the gulf nation’s anger towards the rebels. Due to the continued war, Yemen has already reached a point of extinction whereas, the recent attack by Houthis only seem to further push the Saudi-led coalition to worsen the situation.

The continued arms support from the United Kingdom to the Saudi Arabia in the Yemen war has worried the United Nations, concerned about the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. There is a high possibility of Saudi Arabia to further use resource help from the UK to respond to the Houthi militants on their recent attack.

The two warring sides have led Yemen to reach the world’s worst humanitarian crisis over the past three years of war. Thousands of children have been maimed and displaced in the activity, while millions of people are on the verge of dying due to the crisis.

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