UAE to lead Middle East security, says cannot rely on US-UK

Middle East Security
Last updated on September 5th, 2018

An advance copy of speech that was to be delivered on Thursday by United States Arab (UAE) Foreign Minister Anwar Gargash, it was made evident that UAE is now trying to take lead role of security situations in Middle East.

The turbulence in the Middle East had occupied the attention of the world, ranging from war drawn issues emerging from Arab spring to Syrian civil wars and most recent the Yemen war. Now and then foreign players have taken advantage of the situation for their own diplomatic and business interests, keeping the UAE security at stake.

The underlying fact is that the security situation of Middle East has severely suffered in due course, given the consistent interference. UAE that is among the wealthiest and the most influential nations is now taking a front foot in redefining the security situation of the region.

As per the advance speech quoted by Reuters , UAE Foreign Minister was to address at a Policy Exchange think tank event that UAE is confident and ready enough to take on more security burden in Middle East because it feels that it can no longer depend on military operation and support from its western allies United States and Britain.

FM Anwar Gargash part included that “We are ready to take up more of the burden of security in our own neighborhood,” “We know that we can no longer rely on the United States, or the United Kingdom, to lead such military operations.”

The quote makes it pretty clear that UAE is highly insecure and concerned about divergence of western powers, especially over the future relation with Iran. Further it seems that steps by US are favorable to European attempts to rescue 2015 nuclear deal in exchange for curbing Tehran’s nuclear programme.

A further quote of the speech also states that UAE “Hope that US’ pressure on Iran will bring it back to the negotiating table for an agreement wider than the JCPOA (the nuclear deal): one that addresses Iran’s ballistic missiles and regional meddling,”

Such expression indicates that the Arab nation is now more clear, confident and all the more strong in putting its bargaining demands to the western counterparts.

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