Qatar Traffic: Motorists spend 109 extra hours stuck in congestion

Qatar Traffic
Last updated on September 5th, 2018

On an average, the commuters in Qatar fritter away 109 extra hours on roads due to heavy traffic jam. The annual Qatar Traffic Report has inferred the impact road congestion have on the country, with the help of over billion data records.

The data points are collected through Qatar Mobility Innovations Center (QMIC’s) network of traffic sensors, vehicles equipped with GPS devices and data from users of its iTraffic (Masarak) mobile app.

Congested locations during the peak hours

QMIC detailed routes that are gird-locked, especially during the morning rush hour. They include:

  • Al Sadd Intersection-Olympic Roundabout;
  • Musheireb Interchange, B Ring Road;
  • Onaiza Intersection-Lekhwiya Intersection, Al Markhiya Street;
  • Umm Ghuwalina Intersection-Al Sharq Intersection, C-Ring Road; and
  • Al Waab Intersection to Al Bustan St.

During the evening, the most congested areas were:

  • Environment Roundabout Duhail Intersection, Al Khafji Street;
  • To Television Roundabout, Ahmed Bin Ali Street;
  • Al Sadd Intersection-Olympic Roundabout, Jawaan Street;
  • To Al Waab Intersection, Al Bustan Street; and
  • Lejbailat Intersection-Television Roundabout, Al Jamiaa Street

Withal, it is anticipated that the traffic jams will improve gradually by the year end. This will be facilitated by the new road projects taken up by the government, easing traffic flow. Traffic Department chief Brig. Mohammed Saad Al Kharji said, “Things would get better in the coming three years, post completion of all major road projects.”

He added: “The research outcomes are shocking for sure, but I believe the actual figures will emerge when all roads are opened, railway projects initiated and public transport expanded.”

“We have to be patient for the time being. I used to give an example to explain this situation. For example someone is sick and the doctor told him that he needs surgery and it will take a month for recovery. The patient will undergo the operation and wait for recovery.”

However, if you think vehicle congestion in Qatar is among the worst in the world, think again. According to the research statistics, the time consumed on roads by Qatar motorists is lesser than what other motorists squandered in other cities across the world.

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