A family vacation turns mournful as 17-year-old goes into coma

A family vacation turns mournful as 17-year-old goes into a coma
Last updated on September 5th, 2018

A 17-year-old teenager, Callum Forster and his 24-year-old stepdad, Jamie Hadland, were struck down unwell, after the family enjoyed a night out at Torrevieja, Spain.

After falling with an unexplained illness on Friday, July 20, both were hurried to hospital in the expatriate resort.

On diagnosis, the doctors found pesticides in the blood of the two, possibly ant or cockroach killers. However, they were unable to explain the reaction.

While Hadland was later released from the hospital, Callum still remains heavily anaesthetized. Besides, he has been put on life support and suffered from seizures.

Callum was accompanying his family from Leeds, West Yorks, on a holiday in Spain with his mother, Helen Forster (36) and brother, Brandon (12), who have were staying to support both Callum and his stepdad.

Miss Forster informed that after meeting friends in Villamartin, they had been to a bar, where the family have been staying with her Callum’s grandmother, Barbara Burks, who is a resident of the country.

Miss Forster said, “We had been out with some friends. We had a lovely evening. But within 10 minutes of getting back Jamie started feeling really strange. We got him to bed and he started flinging himself all over.”

She informed that after that, Callum then became ill and was shaking unmanageably.

She explained, “He started fitting. Callum had ten seizures before the ambulance got there. At first it seemed like he had just collapsed but once we moved him onto his bed he started fitting, it was so scary. It’s just been an absolute nightmare.”

“It’s one step forwards and two steps back. Callum doesn’t know what’s going on and he’s in a foreign hospital. The doctors and nurses have been brilliant and he couldn’t be in a better hospital.”

“However, he is very confused and is struggling to answer questions, we don’t know what impact the seizures have had on him yet. We’ve been told the recovery could take weeks or months. We just have no idea.”

She also stated that the British Embassy was helping them, while the reason for the sickness was being investigated.

Although Callum has been taken off life support, he still remains on critical ward. His family and friends have initiated a crowdfunding appeal, through which they have raised above £2,300.

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