China urges the US to not permit Taiwan President as its latest gambit

China Taiwan relations
Last updated on September 5th, 2018

China Taiwan relations: China has urged the United States to not permit Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen to stopover in their territory next month, when she’ll be visiting Belize and Paraguay. This is being perceived as the latest strategy of Beijing in its ongoing campaign to wipe off Taiwan from the map, as an independent political entity.

The aggression between Beijing and Taipei has been escalating since the 2016 election of Tsai. Chinese leaders suspect him as a nationalist, who wants to declare formal independence.

The Chinese government of President Xi Jinping has been attending to assert China’s dominion over disputed territories elsewhere. Amongst these, Taiwan is probably the most important territory.

The island has been actually independent since 1949, yet China considers Taiwan a part of its own territory. Besides, it has long pressured rest of the countries to see it that way. With the growth in economy and politics of China, Taiwan is finding it difficult to keep allies. At present, only 18 countries, mainly small countries in the Pacific and Latin America, have formal diplomatic relations with Taiwan.

The recent governments to cut ties with Taiwan were the Dominican Republic and Burkina Faso. For countries that hold out, the consequences can be severe. Last month, the tiny Pacific island nation of Palau asked the US and Japan for economic assistance, after china forced one airline out of business and barred tourists from traveling there.

Moreover, the pressure from China has also led to the cancellation of a multi-million dollar sporting event, 2019 East Asian Youth Games, which was to be held in in the Taiwanese city of Taichung next year.

In accordance of that, China has recently urged Washington to not allow President Tsai’s stopover in the United States. However, the relations of US-Taiwan are on the upturn. With this, China’s protestation is likely to fall on deaf years.

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