Donald Trump allegedly fired Tillerson for his stand against Russia?

trump fired tillerson
Last updated on September 5th, 2018

Time was running out, but not the Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. It was just 13 hours before he learned from the Presidential Twitter that he was being fired, but the decision to take stand against what the US President did not like, may very well be the reason why he was fired.

It was the phone call with his British counterpart, and Tillerson completely denied a deadly nerve agent attack in the UK, stating that he instills full confidence in UK’s investigation and it’s Russia who are likely responsible.

This was one of the last acts Tillerson performed as the Secretary of State, but was this the reason why he got fired? Russia or say Vladimir Putin, as speculated is Donald Trump’s favorite because it was his intervention, which meant that Hilary Clinton did not become the 45th President of United States.

On the other side, as the White House presents it, the decision to fire Secretary of State was made before hearing to his comments and he was informed on the Saturday morning. However, a statement from the top State Department spokesperson indicated that Tillerson did not had a clue about what was to happen next.

As Donald Trump tweeted, the Democrats started issuing big statements that Trump fired Tillerson because he stood against the Russian President.

“Secretary Tillerson’s firing sets a profoundly disturbing precedent in which standing up for our allies against Russian aggression is grounds for a humiliating dismissal,” said House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

Even if we propose that Tillerson’s firing was not a direct consequence of his comments, this could be then be the result of suggestive disconnect between him and the white house on comprehensive issues.

Tillerson’s comments on Russia may never be put forward as the real reason, but Britain has concluded that it was probably that Russia was involved in the attack. Further, Donald Trump also held talks in the nerve-agent attack with the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, but according to a White House readout, Trump only said Russia “must provide unambiguous answers” regarding the issue.

It may not be wrong to say that Trump did not like what Tillerson said on the matter. He has always reinstated that US needs to craft an alliance with Russia, even after the mid-term election allegations rocking his past.

Ironically enough, when Donald Trump selected Tillerson as the Secretary of State, was it only because that he had allegedly developed close ties with Putin or because he was genuinely a good candidate.

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