Zimbabwe Election: Victims of post-election aggression narrate revulsion

Zimbabwe election
Last updated on September 5th, 2018

Zimbabwe election held for the first since former president Robert Mugabe’s expulsion in November 2017. These elections were aimed at rebooting the southern African country on the global platform.

However, things didn’t work, as planned. Despite, assurance of a fair and peaceful Zimbabwe election, there have been multiple alarming developments.

A number of opposition supporters in Zimbabwe, along with other unpolitical citizens, have complained of being abducted and thrashed by the military forces, at the time of post-election opposition demos of August 1.

Jules, a victim of violence, claims he was beaten up in a bar on the subsequent weekend. Another victim Winston, narrates the disgust he experienced that day.

“They started hitting us, trampling us, they wanted to know where Happymore Chidzviva was. They kept beating us until they realized we didn’t know, and then they let us go.”

The military crackdown of protesters, who challenged the formalised election results on August 1 , killed at least 6 people.

Heads of mission of the European Union and the United States in Zimbabwe, issued a join statement, speaking on the grim human rights violations. President Mnangagwa has assured an independent investigation into the matter.

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