French Media Uncovers How UAE Worked behind Defaming Qatar, via Sunday Times Article

Last updated on September 5th, 2018

Sunday Times has recently published a spiteful record against Qatar, accusing the country that it cheated in its bid to obtain the hosting rights for FIFA World Cup 2022. The country has been questioned in terms of its loyalty and for breaching the code of conduct. However, it has raised the doubt, if the UAE is mastermind behind the Sunday Times FIFA story against Qatar FIFA 2022.

According to Sunday Times, Qatar allegedly funded a public relation agency, to spread the misinformation regarding the two other candidates Australia and United States.  Nevertheless, as per French media site, the charges have been rejected by Qatar and FIFA, making it clear that the claims are false and do not hold any relevance. However, it does raise a question about how the misinformation was so easily done.

According to French media site, the Sunday Times has been under the complete control of the Influential Press Empire News Corporation since 1980s, which is owned by the businessman Rupert Murdoch. The businessman is already known for his radical stand and for using the entire media of the Galaxy News, imposing his ideology to make the people work for his personal interests.

As Nicholas McGeehan, a worker of HRW said, “Rupert Murdoch, the owner of the Sunday Times, is Mohammed bin Zayed’s business partner.”  The latter is none other than the Crown Prince of the United Arab Emirates, working against the GCC blockade.

Further, the tensions between the Qatar’s Bein Sports who is his direct competitor, has overpowered the Fox in United States, with its strategy of massive buyback sports rights.

The credibility of the article was certainly a big lack, and as soon as it came out, New York Times reporter, Tariq Panja questioned on the seriousness of the how Sunday Times investigated and what were its methods of investigation. Adding, “These so-called former CIA ex-guys from Qatar have not been very good. I do not remember many stories or negative reports against Qatar’s rivals as the Sunday Times claims.”

Using the media to spread misinformation, and influencing masses for personal benefits is the game not a lot would play at the world stage. However, with Mohammed Bin Zayed the scenario is completely different and all he demands is to steal away the hosting rights from Qatar by hook or by crook.

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