A Wave of Protests Trigger as Palestinian Citizens in Israel Demand Equal Status

Last updated on September 5th, 2018

The protest by Palestinian citizens of Israel have risen a new a wave of protests in Tel Aviv against the controversial “Jewish state law”.

The law passed last month officially states that the new state-nation law gives Israel’s Jewish the recognition, but does not recognize other citizens i.e. the non-Jewish citizens of the country. Shockingly, sidelining some 1.8 million Palestinians who are with the Israeli citizenship.

The tens of thousands of protesters, including Jews, marched through the streets of the city on Saturday night calling for the law’s cancellation.

As a result, a string of protest has emerged in the city and both the Palestinians and the Jews have joined forces against the decision. The coming together also marks that people firmly believe in equality and supporting each other. Further, a Jewish protester of the law also stated, that all the citizens must be equal under the law.

“We, a lot of Israelis, believe that they [minorities] are entitled to be equal to us,” protester Dan Meiri said. “It is the Jewish state but the people that live here are entitled to be equal to us across the board in education, in the army, in the universities, in the parliament – all over.”

The rule was passed by the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whose state of mind, puts up a big question on the society. Also, his take on the issue to declare the decision as the right to national self- determination is outright Jewish.

According to law Hebrew is the official language of Israel, reducing the status of Arabica. However, earlier both Hebrew and Arabic were the official languages.

The series of protest are not solely about the specific law, but also regarding what will unfold next, in the name of equality. Also, the direction of the implementation hurting the sentiments of people, and the way it was presented by the Prime Minister himself, poses a direct threat to the status of people.

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