Decrypting the Root Cause for Refugee Attacks in Germany

Last updated on September 5th, 2018

The increasing number of requests for asylums in Germany and the piling up of applications each day has yet, again heated the debate, as even the spokesperson for Left party quoted, the waiting periods “unacceptable.”

Though the number of attacks on refugees has seen a downfall, but the change is pretty minimal and the problem is still a serious issue. According to Federal government, in the first half of 2018, there were more than 700 attacks on refugees and refugee housing. However, in totality there were 627 attacks on refugees and 77 attacks on their shelters, of which 120 got injured. Further, when comparing to the stats of last year, the total number of refugee attacks on those seeking asylum was 642, of which 153 were on refugee shelters, and 123 got injured.

The number clearly reflects that the changes are not drastic and Germany needs better implementation of policy. However, what is the possible reason for attack, and why the refugees are targeted, forms a major part of the debate.

It is a fact well known that the nation continues to struggle with the increasing number of request each day. Besides, its concerns over security and in the wake of terror attacks, which have shocked the entire Europe, the government has toughened the procedure, making sure there are no loop holes. However, the major sufferers are the refugees, who are losing their lives at the name of security.

According to the stat, asylum applicants had to wait 7.1 months on an average in 2016 to find out if their request would be granted or not, up from 5.2 months a year before. Besides, the reported attacks also include the ways in which the harm is done, and this includes severe arson, property damage, physical assaults, and incitement of hatred and violations of weapon laws.

Is time period the reason why attacks are increasing? The answer looks like a yes, and for those who continue to suffer the consequences, the German government seriously needs to look into the matter.




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