What is the Russia’s motive behind its comeback in Africa?

Last updated on September 5th, 2018

Russia is making a comeback in Africa after years of inactivity, in arms deals and investment sector. Moscow’s continuous work in Africa, since the last three years has affirmed that Russia’s status has only strengthened with time, and the signs showcase that it is increasing at a steady rate.

Russia’s effort to regain strength in African has been most prominent in Central African Republic (CAR), economically weak country, which has asked its former colonial power, France for help. Ever since the beginning of the year, Russia has supplied arms to CAR army, after the UN authorized them to do so. Additionally, the country has also sent five military officers and 170 civilians as “instructors” for CAR’s armed forces, even after knowing that the troops are being trained by the European Union.

However, what’s fishy to the move is that according to the analysts, the so called instructors could be a mercenary group called Wenger, whose forces are fighting in Syria. Also, three Russian journalists have lost their lives thus far, while investigating in CAR last month.

Apart from CAR, Russia is shipping arms to Cameroon for its fight with Boko Haram and fake military partnerships with Democratic Republic of Congo, Burkina Faso, Uganda and Angola and cooperation on nuclear power with Sudan. Elsewhere in Africa it has shown interest in Zimbabwe’s and Guinea’s mining industries, though Africa is not a top priority for Vladimir Putin, but he certainly sees and believes in taking the first mover advantage.

Is Russia demonstrating change in its ode to prove just how dominant will it become globally, the answer





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