Italy Bridge Collapse: The Tale of Two Drivers ‘Terribly Destined to Death’

Last updated on September 5th, 2018

Genoa, Italy— amid the broken concrete and shattered bodies, life in Genoa has come to a halt. As the italy bridge collapsed, an explosion was heard large in the city, the catastrophic collapse has taken lives of 39 thus far, and the number may only increase as concrete finds its way out of the city.

Terribly Destined to Death

William Ben Lou Lou, 42, owner of a French moving company, arrived in the morning, a day after the city’s Morandi Bridge collapsed. His daughter who was keeping an update on social media, unfortunately spotted their truck in the carnage. Two of his workers both Romanians, had been in truck, taking furniture from France to Italy, but William did not know if they survived the incident or not.

“I tried to call them,” he said, “but I couldn’t reach them.” However, about an hour or so after, Mr. Lou Lou did receive a partial answer to his query, when he identified a body of his workers, a man who has unfortunately left behind his wife and three children, however there was still hope that the other worker may still be alive. “They say my other worker may be in intensive care,” he said. The fact is, not much is known about the second worker, who as they say might have been ‘Terribly Destined to Death’.

Who is to be blamed anyway, for those who lost their lives were nothing, but regular commuters who left for the day’s work, also the incident must not be marked as a shock for the Italian authorities, who already knew about the worsening condition of Morandi Bridge.

Amidst the increasing toll of deaths and the agony of separation, the problems only multiply and for those who put up in Genoa, the basic amenities are becoming a big problem, following the horrendous collapse. Will the people’s cry go foul or will the Italian authorities take a step towards improving its infrastructure, only time will tell.









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