Europe’s move to Discard Halogen Bulbs is a Great Initiative towards Environment

Last updated on September 5th, 2018

After serving the entire Europe for almost 6 decades, the lights of halogen bulbs will not glow your homes anymore. The yellow color light will finally be replaced by more energy efficient LEDs across Europe on 1st September.

The remaining stocks will now be cleared, and capsules, linear and low voltage incandescent used in oven lights will be discontinued. Also, with the change in pattern from bulbs to light-emitting diodes (LEDs), the emissions and the energy bills will cut down.

LEDs consume almost one-fifth of the energy of the halogen bulbs, and with the discard of the halogens more than 15million tons of carbon emission a year will cut down. According to Philips, one of the leading bulb manufactures an estimate of up to £112 a year will be saved because LEDs  use much less power than bulbs.

Jonathan Bullock, Ukip’s energy spokesperson in the European parliament said “The EU’s attempt to ban the halogen bulbs is wrong because consumers will suffer financially and it’s always the poorest who suffer from these kind of policies.  Customers should have the freedom of choice in bulbs and it shouldn’t be imposed by the EU.”

However, with bans spreading across the boundaries from California to Canberra, any revival or need of the bulbs, shall only be then satisfied by substandard Chinese bulbs, which could cost £90 to average energy bills.

The debate over bulbs is clearly the cheap price at which they are available to the customers, while LEDs burn a hole in the pocket, as far as price is concerned. Contrarily, the life span of the bulb is relatively less than a LED. While a bulb would last for around 2 years, a LED lasts for about 15-20 years, automatically cutting down the cost over such a long span. Likewise, the cost of emissions from bulb is staggering and the impact on environment is also much large, making it clear that the decision to discard halogen bulbs is a great initiative, which will surely benefit in the long run.

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