Canadians turn against Justin Trudeau’s approach of “diversity is our strength”

Last updated on September 5th, 2018

Canada, a country where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been following the approach of “diversity is our strength,” the citizens are increasingly opposing his cynical immigration schemes.

Immigration has become a hot political issues in countries like Europe and the US, which experienced a huge surge in migrants. The US, particularly, had problems with illegal immigration on its southern border.

Canada, so far, has remained safe from this. This is because immigration has worked for the country, and is still working. Besides, its geopolitical conditions are different. It has been recognized worldwide for its success in integrating immigrants into a broader Canadian identity.

However, the Canadian attitudes are now getting hard-edged on immigration. A recent poll by Angus Reid shows a break from the age-old trend in the country. A large number of Canadians favor only fewer immigrants for the first time in 40 years. However, only few are ready to welcome more number of immigrants.

The support for mass immigration has never been unconditional, but neither it has been negative. More complicated truth is that immigration is significant for Canada, and is required in a delicate balance. It is believed that if Canadians trust the system, they can go along with open immigration policies.

At present, the country needs immigration. This is because of inadequate amount of Canadian babies, due to which it cannot sustain the population only through natural growth. Canadians would otherwise be shrinking, which would ultimately have a negative impact on country’s budget. Moreover, if Canada wouldn’t hold the line, it might end up where Japan has.

On the contrary, the public opinion is now turning, and the possible reason is Trudeau’s approach to immigration.

Justin Trudeau has been failing on three fronts on the immigration basics–

1) Maintaining the integrity of the system,
2) Selecting immigrants who will be successful, and
3) Focusing on assimilation and welcoming newcomers.

Other than sacrificing the immigration basics, the President also appears to be doing it for cynical partisan reasons. On the other hand, Canadians have been supporting a system that has been brutally rational, as they know the system is fair, despite being calculative and harsh.

While the clash between the Prime Minister’s approach and the ideology of the citizens remain, will Canada continue to be a front runner in assimilation of immigrants?

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