Saudi UAE military bloc enforced bloodbath in Yemen, killing 22 children

Last updated on September 11th, 2018

The Saudi UAE military bloc has yet again enforced bloodbath in Yemen, killing at least 22 innocent children, according to local Yemeni journalists. The mourning of Saudi air raid on a school bus that killed 40 school children wasn’t over yet, and the civilians got another trauma to deal with.

The Saudi-UAE fighter jets aimed at raiding camp for internally displaced people in Ad Durayhimi, situated about 20km from the Red Sea city of Hodeidah, Yemen’s Beirut-based Al-Massirah TV channel reported.

Zaid Benjamin's  tweet
Zaid Benjamin’s  tweet on Saudi UAE Yemen attack
Hussein al-Bukhaiti, a Yemeni journalist said: “The Saudi UAE strikes initially targeted a village in the Ad Durayhimi area south of Hodeidah, killing five people and injuring two”.

Al-Bukhaiti also reported that 26 women and children had been targeted before boarding a bus for fleeing, but the next Saudi UAE air strike targeted that bus, killing all of the passengers.

Saudi UAE air strike
A civilian grieving over the loss his child, who was killed in the Saudi UAE air strike.

Allegedly abetted by the United States, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are conducting attacks on the Yemen soil since March 2015. The alliance is running a military campaign to reestablish the internationally-acknowledged government of President Abu-Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

In the words of munitions experts, a US-manufactured explosive was shot at the school bus, which fumed criticism of Washington’s role in the Yemen civil war. The United Nation (UN) has described the Yemen civil war as world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

If the US involvement gets proved, that the missile dropped by the Saudi UAE coalition on Yemen was sourced from the US, it will result in mass outrage and questioning of the US’ intervention in Yemen war.

As per the UN data, at least 10,000 people have lost their lives in the three-year long Yemen war. However, this death toll is not updated since years, and is sure to be much higher.

In 2017, the UN listed the Saudi UAE military alliance to a blacklist of child rights violators for being responsible for deaths and injuries of hundreds of Yemini children.

In revenge of this event, the Houthis have opened up several missiles at Saudi Arabia. According to the Saudi authorities, over the past three years at least 90 ballistic missiles have been shot by the rebels.

The United Nations has negotiated multiple peace talks among both the parties, with a blunt failure at each attempt.

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