Qatar tries escaping FIFA 2022 migrant workers allegations with cooling vests

Last updated on September 5th, 2018

According to the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC), Qatar has launched new cooling technologies for workers on the construction sites of World Cup 2022 stadiums. These lightweight evaporative cooling vests will keep the workers cool during the intense heat of the summer months.

In Qatar, temperatures usually reach 46 degrees Celsius during the day. The country is whisking to complete the construction of myriad stadiums, roads and other infrastructure, even the workers admit that its difficult to avoid the scorching summertime heat. So, to make working outdoors a bit comfortable, thousands of cooling vests have been delivered at the sites.

Cooling vest, a product of TechNiche, is said to reduce wearer’s body temperature by up to 15C. It is also comfortable to wear, enhances concentration and efficiency during hot conditions.

Mahmoud Qutub, executive director of the SC’s Workers’ Welfare Department, said: “We have spent two years exploring how best to utilise various cooling products, but many are simply not suitable for Qatar’s environment. We want our workers to really benefit from the concept of this technology.”

Site workers who spoke to Truenewssource said, “When we work in the building, we remain under the shade most of the time, which is an advantage. While working outdoors, we take short breaks and cover our exposed body parts with cool scarves. The company can’t do anything about it. If weather is hot, what can be done?”

The cooling conception is the latest development undertaken by the SC’s Workers’ Welfare Department. This deliberate act is for the welfare of 30,000 laborers working at different construction sites.

However, Qatar companies’ handling of migrant blue-collar workers has been under scrutiny by various human rights organizations. Activists groups are pressurizing the FIFA 2022 host to improve the standard of working and living conditions for migrant workers.

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