Theresa May signs a new security pact with Kenya

Last updated on September 5th, 2018

A three-nation visit of the UK Prime Minister Theresa May to Africa has come in the final leg. On Thursday, she unveiled certain measures to enhance the safety of thousands of British holidaymakers in Kenya.

A security pact has been signed, under which the UK will increase its assistance in helping the famous east African holiday destination to boost aviation security. This will include machines to detect explosives, to prevent bomb attacks on direct flights to the UK and in the country.

This measure has been added to the already existing aviation safety support provided by the UK, in order to keep the 100,000 annual British visitors in Kenya safe.

Moreover, training in community security will also be offered by the UK to strengthen the engagement of police with marginalised communities. This will be an aid for Kenya to prevent extremism by dealing with the threat at source and to tackle violence against girls and women.

The UK will also share expertise with criminal justice system of Kenya to fortify the procedures for processing complex legal cases, including organised crime and terrorism, which will improve the use of terrorism legislation.

The pact signed on Thursday builds on the first one, signed in 2015. It states that the British government will provide support to build a specialist cyber centre to enable the police to prevent child abuse images being shared online in Kenya. It will also tackle a problem that prevents predators being caught and prosecuted.

The centre is being built inside an existing Anti-Human Trafficking and Child Protection Unit (AHTCPU) in Kenya, with the support from UK. The Kenyan police will be able to access the data and bring perpetrators to justice with the British support.

May said, “Online child exploitation is an abhorrent crime and we are determined to ensure there is no place to hide for predators who use the internet to share images of abuse across borders, too often with impunity. This builds on our ongoing work with Kenya on security and criminal justice – a partnership which has already helped to convict and imprison terrorists in the UK.”

On Tuesday, in Cape Town, May also announced that the UK is confirming a deal to return millions of pounds, stolen from Kenya by crime and corruption and are hidden in British banks and assets, which includes over £3.6 million in proceeds of crime seized by courts in Jersey. Besides, the stolen funds found in Britain could now be used to fund development projects in sectors such as health and education.

May’s visit to three of Africa’s largest economies — South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya — was an effort to strengthen Britain’s economic relations with Africa. We are still to witness if the fortunes will turn in UK’s favor or not!

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