Inhumanity rages in Tripoli as Civilian Death Toll Reaches 50

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The rising number of causalities in the ongoing fight in Libya’s capital, Tripoli is taking lives at a rapid rate. According to the health officials, the count in Libya has risen to at least 50, as the war torn country looks on for a better tomorrow.

The health ministry said on Tuesday that the clash of the armed groups reigns chaos over civilians, and the latest fight had also left 138 people injured, which included 18 civilians. The previous death toll in Libya stood at 39 people.

On august 27, the battle began in Tripoli’s districts after the Seventh Brigade, an armed group based in Tarhouna, 65 km southeast of the capital, propelled a series of offensive attacks against rival militias.

A cease-fire was reached the very next day, however the clashes resume back shortly after, and the airport had to be forcefully shut down. Further, the UN-backed government of National Accord in Tripoli declared a state of emergency on Sunday.

Several attempts have been made to stop the wreckage, since the war erupted, but the results are crying foul. On Monday, even the social media website Facebook was blocked in Tripoli and the surrounding cities.

Libyan utility LPTIC, which owns the two-state run telecom firms, said that the following situation is an outburst of lack in security arrangements. Maintenance engineers were unable to reach some stations, which had stopped working due to lack of power.

The access of the web is controlled by state firms, and is overlooked by security bodies, which are effectively controlled by armed groups working with the weak GNA.

The Media based in the nation of Libya secretly exists as Journalists, and often face threats from armed groups or officials that are not happy with the secrets being leaked out.

Libya’s condition is utterly critical and ever since the Arab Springs of 2011, which dethroned Muammar Gaddafi, eventually leading to his death, the country has become a proxy battleground. Today, its governance poses a serious threat to civilians, while the west continues to see it as a place, best suited to fulfill their dirty deeds.

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