South Sudan Suffers another Blow as 19 Die in an Air Crash

South Sudan— At least 19 people died in South of Sudan on Sunday, when a small aircraft carrying passengers from capital Juba to the city of Yirol crashed. The small sized aircraft had 22 people on board, when the incident took place, said the State information Minister Taban Abel.

The number of causalities in the incident were reported 17 at first, however the State Information Minister later confirmed that a Ugandan and Ethiopian national were among the victims, which were first reported as missing.
One of the survivors in the incident was an Italian doctor working with a charity, who did not suffer major blows and was flown to Juba having undergone surgery in Yirol. The crash of the flight occurred by a river, and an eyewitness at ground zero said that the bodies were recovered from the water.

David Subek, Chief Executive officer of South Sudan Civil Aviation authority in Juba, confirmed about the happening of the incident. This is not for the first time that the incident had occurred in recent times. Earlier, back in 2017, four passengers were injured following the bad weather, which caused the plane to crash into a fire truck upon landing and burst into the flames.

Back in 2015, dozens of people lost their lives, when a Russian-built cargo plane with passengers on board crashed after taking off from the airport in Juba. While, the authorities continue to blame each other for the incident, families of deceased continue to suffer the tragic consequences of the incidents.

The war-torn country of Sudan is already experiencing major blows to its economy. The ongoing conflict in South Sudan, between forces of government and opposition forces over President Kiir accusing his former Riek Machar, and ten others of attempting a coup d’etat. That is overthrowing an illegal and overt seizure of a state by the military or other elites within the state apparatus.

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