Cocaine worth $35 Million Detained in the Northern French Port City of Le Havre

Source: The Independent
Last updated on September 27th, 2018

Cocaine worth $35 million has been sequestered from a container in the northern French port city of Le Havre. The occurrence took place on Friday, as customs impounded an astounding 752 kilograms of the narcotic, which arrived on a ship from South America.

The incident was reported by France 3 TV Normandy, who sited that the discovery of drug was made following the routine check of containers from abroad. The Agence France-Presse news agency said that no arrests have been made yet.

Following the incident, French Budget Minister Gerald Darmanin praised custom officials for duly carrying out their work and achieving an exceptional feat. There has been a rise in the number of incidents related to cocaine, and Customs at Le Havre have alone seized a shocking 3.5 tons of drug (3,175 kgs) in just a year’s time.

The statistics revealed a record new level of cocaine smuggling to France of 17 tons, which is twice when compared to stats a year earlier. The drug’s demand has been on the rise in the market, and South America is increasingly flooding the European markets. According to France’s Europe 1 radio, the Colombian drug cartels, specifically, have multiplied their production.

“Production over the past five years has increased significantly in Latin America,” Vincent Le Beguec, the head of the French Office of Narcotics, told the broadcaster. As the pattern suggests, as much as 2,000 tons of global cocaine will be flooded in Europe. Also, the French authorities have stated that the drugs estimated price is at least 65 times more than its original value.

With the Europe falling prone to the drug, the South American druggists have already established a solid market. However, the continuous rise in drugs demanded even at such high prices, alarmingly points out to the drug morbid continent that it is becoming.

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