Opinion: Is Muslim Brotherhood Prompting the Rise of Extremism?

Source: The Counter Jihad Report
Last updated on September 20th, 2018

Muslim brotherhood, a transnational Sunni Islamist organization founded in Egypt by Islam scholar and teacher Hassan al –Banna, in 1928, has become one of the most prominent forces in the world today. Tracing the roots back to its beginning it is clear that the ideology on which, it prospered has a goal to instill the Quran and sunnah as the “sole reference point for ordering the life of Muslim family, individual, community and state.”

The organization has gained some serious numbers all throughout the Arab World, and has influenced Islamist groups such as Hamas.The group earlier supported by Saudi Arabia. However, as of 2015 amidst the mass declaration and classification of the organization as associated with the breeding of terrorists, the governments of Bahrain, Egypt, Russia, Syria, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, cut off the ties with the group.

Nonetheless, the movement, which began in 1928, had its roots well prospered in all direction, serving no use. The brotherhood still continues to remain controversial, while it says to have taken efforts towards its commitment of democracy, and its rejection of violence. The alleged attacks prompted by Brotherhood include the Saudi  Arabia 9/11 attacks, which is suspected by some having a radical agenda. However, the US government denies to have any contacts with Brotherhood.

Observing the Brotherhood’s English website, clearly puts forth the principles as introduction of Islamic Sharia for “the basis for controlling affairs of state and society.” Despite expressing that they are firm believers in Democracy, its founder, Hassan Al-Banna, was influenced by Islamic modernist reformers Muhammad Abduh and Rashid Rida, who attacked taqlid of the official ulama and he insisted that only Quran and the best-attested hadiths (those who call for the execution of Muslims, who abandon their faith, based on their judgment primarily derived on the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, are known as the hadith) should be the sources of Sharia.

Correspondingly, the Muslims are split on deciding if Brotherhood really serves the democratic agenda or not. According, to a WPO poll ran in 2009 it appeared that a few Muslims look forward to Brotherhood as a path to nondemocratic state. Interestingly, people who think that democracy is utterly important, are far more likely to have positive feelings about Muslim Brotherhood (48%), than people who say it is not that important (29%).

A continuous rise in the preachers of Brotherhood and affirmations made around it being democratic or nondemocratic, raises a situation of utter chaos. While it cannot be denied that the fundamental ideology is not exactly as stated, but it cannot also be inferred that Brotherhood is solely prompting terrorism.

However, here is what can be easily inferred about Muslim Brotherhood. Understanding democracy it is easily known, that an individual can believe anything he she’ wants and chose any religion he she’ wants to. Also, he she’ can convert to any religion, even if it means abandoning the religion of Allah. On the other side, with Brotherhood, this a serious matter and it patently preserves a notion that any individual who decides to abandon or convert his religion, he she’ should be killed’.

Raising a serious concern and putting a question on Prophet’s definition of Hadiths?

Therefore, elaborating on what Prophet said, it is clear that he did not enforce to take up killing on apostasy, thus such a Hadith does not yield any certainty of what knowledge, he she’ uses to take up such an ill deed. Also, ‘the fact that neither the Prophet himself, nor did any of his companions ever compelled anyone to embrace Islam, nor did they sentence anyone to death solely for renunciation of the faith’, clearly puts forward the appalling ideas behind formation of Brotherhood. Implying, that Islam’s ideology has been forged in Prophet’s name to spread extremism or take up killing of civilians, which alleges a severe possibility of prompting extremism.

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