Serial Killer Border Patrol Supervisor Exposed as Fifth Victim Escapes

A two-week-long “serial killing spree” by a United States Border Patrol supervisor came to an end as the Texas authorities arrested him, on Saturday. He has been accused of killing four female sex workers, and was in an attempt of attacking a fifth women who escaped at a gas station and found help.

The 35-year-old intelligence supervisor for the Border Patrol, Juan David was found hiding in a truck at around 2am in a hotel parking lot in Laredo by the Officials, on Saturday.

Webb county district attorney, Isidro Alaniz informed that Ortiz was charged with four counts of murder and aggravated assault and unlawful restraint, with bond set at $500,000 per charge. In total, bond was set at $2.5m. He also said, “In our opinion he is the sole person responsible for this horrific serial killing spree.”

The Border Patrol Supervisor had picked up the fifth woman, who tried to escape as soon as she realized that she was in danger. The suspect was arrested when the women had managed to flee. Alaniz said, “When she tried to escape from him at a gas station that’s when she ran into a [state] trooper.”

Juan Ortiz

Alaniz called the killings “just a horrific case overall.” Her office is assisting the Texas Department of Public Safety and Texas Rangers in the investigation.

He also informed that authorities believed the Border Patrol supervisor had killed four women since September 3. The names of the victims were not released immediately. However, two of them were identified as US citizens, while the nationalities of the other victims is still unknown. Alaniz stated that all of them were sex workers, and one of them was a transgender woman.

Alaniz said, “The manner in which they were killed is similar in all the cases from the evidence.” Although, he declined to discuss about the evidence or say how the women were killed. Nevertheless, he informed that the killings happened when Ortiz was off duty and in his own vehicle, a white four-door Dodge truck.

As the motive behind the killings is not yet determined, the investigators are still trying to find about it.

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