France to seek support from transit countries to cease illegal immigration

Source: Foreign Policy
Last updated on September 27th, 2018

In an attempt to secure the European borders from and prevent the departure of illegal migrants to the country, France has announced its intention to assist Morocco and Algeria.

In an interview with L’Express magazine on September 18, the Interior Minister of France, Gerard Collomb said, “France must be generous while remembering that not everyone can come.”

The main measure to be put in place according to him, is to work “upstream with countries of origin and transit” with the objective “to avoid crossings and the risks they entail for the lives of those who undertake them.”

Collomb cited the example of cooperation with Niger in the fight against departures to Libya through the desert, and said that this strategy must be pursued with countries like Algeria and Morocco.

He also informed that both Morocco and Algeria are ready to cooperate with France, but they are seeking international financial support to secure their borders. He also insisted that Europe must help some countries to secure borders and this required funding.

The French Minister explained that Algeria and Morocco as “transit countries for immigrants heading to Europe” were facing several problems that require financial support to be able to control the inflow of illegal immigrants into the North African countries.

Collomb aimed at what he described as “hordes of illegal immigrants targeting the European Union.”

The European authorities monitored that some 33,795 illegal immigrants who have arrived at the European continent via Morocco-Spain route, which is more and more used.

Collomb also stressed that “France will bear the Moroccan Haraka immigrants whose majority target the French capital of Paris.”

Besides, he criticized a recent move by the Mayor of Paris, Ann Hidaglo, for welcoming the Haraka immigrants from Morocco and promising them asylum. The French official revealed that “Paris had received over 50 per cent of the total asylum applications in the region.”

Will Europe be able to successfully secure it borders and halt the illegal immigration with the help of transit countries?

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