GOP Strategists Fear Trump’s Defense of Brett Kavanaugh May Submerse the Political Party

Judge Brett Kavanaugh Backed by Trump

US President Donald Trump has frightened his party members by defending Judge Brett Kavanaugh, a Supreme Court nominee accused for sexual assault, after having defended Roger Ailes, from Fox News, Alabama Senate Roy Moore, and himself in the past under similar cases. GOP strategists and members were left startled with amazement after the President claimed that he ‘felt sorry’ for Brett and ‘he is not a man that deserves this’. The party members dread that GOP’s future might suffer heavily due to Trump’s defense for yet another alleged sexual assaulter.

Donald Trump himself was subjected to sexual misconduct accusations from a total of 19 women. This happened during his 2016 presidential election campaign, where women accused the now President of United States with a series of charges including, walking across occupied dressing rooms, touching and kissing inappropriately. The critical timing of the accusations that surfaced led Trump to be on the receiving end of a large amount of negative media attention and international criticism for a long time. Nevertheless, he succeeded by winning the elections anyway.

However, Trump’s careless, or rather reckless approach towards such criticism is what has caused the GOP members to worry about the party’s sustenance in the upcoming elections. In his own case he got away with some of the most lame arguments such as, ‘his accusers were lying’ or that ‘he was the real victim’. Shockingly, he used similar approaches in the defense of his ‘friend’, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, by putting up similar arguments. Meanwhile, the President showed no concern for the personal attacks that the Supreme Court nominee’s victim, Christine Blasey Ford, faced since the day she came forward with the accusations.

Unfortunately, either Trump’s defense of Judge Brett Kavanaugh or the media attention his involvement attracted to the case has led Ford’s lawyers, Debra Katz and Lisa Banks wanting to investigate her claims. According to September 2018 USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll, 62 percent of women have given unfavorable rating to Trump. This has led to his pattern becoming presumable in which he vouches for his friends especially those accused with allegations of sexual abuse or harassment.

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