Trump Turns Down the Plea of British Prime Minister in the Salisbury Attack

Source: The Independent

The Novichok nerve agent attack that took place in March, has undergone several twists and turns in the past few weeks. In the latest chapter of this story, the US President Donald Trump has dismissed the request from the UK Prime Minister Theresa May, to help in the poisoning of the former Russian spy in Salisbury.

Both the victims of the attack, Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia Skripal, survived, and the British intelligence charged two Russian men, Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov, of the attack. They were determined as the members of the Russian military intelligence service (GRU).

The attack not just gripped UK and Russia, but also the key western allies. May called an emergency session of the United Nations Security Council on September 6, in an attempt to back British against Russia.

The session turned out in favor of UK, and the key allies — US, Canada, France and Germany — condemned Russia. However, Trump turned down on the request, because May was only ’95 per cent sure’ at first that Moscow was behind the Salisbury attack.

It has been revealed that Donald Trump demanded the British Prime Minister in a late-night phone call, to provide more evidence against the Russian state in the Novichok poisonings. The US President told May that she had to be ’98 per cent’ certain.

A book, The Apprentice: Trump, Russia And The Subversion Of American Democracy claims that the President agreed to expel 60 suspected Russian diplomats from the US only after hours of persuasion by his aides.

Written by a Washington Post journalist Greg Miller, the forthcoming book also claims that that the Russian president Vladimir Putin has Trump under such control that he ‘whispers conspiratorially’ to him on the phone. The book says that Putin plays to Trump’s fears that he is being undermined by a secret ‘deep state’.

Miller writes, ‘Again and again [Trump] would belittle America’s closest allies – Australia, Britain, Canada, France and Germany – all the while praising Russia’s strongman.’

The book might answer certain questions about the shift of the US President to not assist the UK Prime Minister in the Salisbury attack.

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