EU Agrees Enter Talks with Egypt on Migration

Sebastian Kurz - African migrants

The Africans migration to Europe has augmented dramatically in the past decade. Considering the escalating number of migrants, Austria urged the its European Union partners to initiate talks with Egypt last week, in an attempt to seek help in managing the flow of Africans to Europe.

The Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurz, who currently holds EU’s rotating presidency,visited Cairo along with the EU Council President Donald Tusk, over the weekend, for talks with President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi, a top army general who took office in 2014. Kurz and Tusk both praised him for preventing people from leaving its coast bound for Europe.

During an EU summit in Salzburg, Austria, Kurz stated, “Egypt has proven that it can be efficient.Since 2016, it has prevented ships sailing from Egypt to Europe or, when they have sailed, it has taken them back.”

He said that Egypt is “now prepared possibly to deepen cooperation with us in talks. We should use that.” Kurz also informed that EU leaders are in support of the idea to enter into talks with other North African countries as well.

Sebastian Kurz also said, “We’ve agreed on in-depth cooperation on issues such as migration, but also economic cooperation with Egypt. We’ve got to ensure that as few people as possible leave northern African countries for Europe. If they do, the situation should be dealt with as close to the African coast as possible.”

Meanwhile, Tusk informed that the will be taking the talks further with Sisi. He also confirmed that an EU-Arab League summit will be held in Cairo, next February.

Over the past few years, EU has been creative in dealing with the migrants’ crisis. It has also been willing to give up billions to secure deals around the Mediterranean with leaders with autocratic leanings.

Sebastian Kurz stated, “Egypt and the North African countries can be important partners for us in preventing ships heading to Europe and after their rescue being brought back, in other words to the countries of transit.”

“Only in this way can we reduce illegal migration, can we destroy the business model of the smugglers, and stop drownings in the Mediterranean,” he added.

As per the statement of Tusk, EU will be launching talks on migration with other North African countries in the future as well.

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