A Glimpse of Day 1 at the 73rd UN General Assembly

Day 1 of fierce battles at UN General Assembly is finally over and, while the world laughed at Donald Trump on his definition of accomplishment, the big leaders including Emmanuel Macron, H H Emir Tamim, Hassan Rouhani and King Abdullah II all had some exemplary views to exchange.

The 73rd UN general Assembly debates were hit with a lot of controversies eroding out to find a radical solution, which would best serve the UN’s objective of establishing the peace worldwide. The UN itself focused on issues like global warming, and how our planet’s condition is depleting.

United States
Donald Trump opened his speech by saying ‘Madam President, one year ago I stood before you for the first time in this grand hall. I addressed the threats facing our world and I presented a vision to achieve a brighter for all humanity’. He then added, and talked about the progress his administration has made in the following years, which was followed a wave of laughter, mocking the President’s remark on accomplishments.

This was followed by a serious outrage against Iran and Donald Trump went on to illustrate that Iran is the funder of extremism and the Tehran deal with Iran was only benefiting them, and US thus had no other option, but to impose the sanctions on the country. Clearly stating, “Iran’s leaders – sow chaos, death, and destruction. We ask all nations to isolate Iran’s regime.”He also made it clear through his tweet that he won’t meet Hassan Rouhani and quoted him as ‘lovely person’. Besides, speaking about Trade imbalances he mentioned how his country lost 3 million manufacturing jobs to China, since they joined World Trade organization.

Iranian President was never going back without returning the favor to Donald Trump and as the opportunity strike, Hassan Rouhani quoted ” It is ironic that the US government does not even conceal its plan for overthrowing the same government it invites to talks”. “For dialogue to take place, there is no need for a photo opportunity. The two sides can listen to each other right here in this Assembly. I am starting the dialogue right here, and state, in unequivocal terms, that the question of international security is not a toy in American domestic politics.”

Rouhani went a step further and called American sanctions “economic terrorism”. He questioned the United States policy and called its approach towards Iranians as designed to resisting the wish of its country.

The 73rd UN General Assembly was embraced by H H Emir Tamim for the second consecutive year, and yet again his speech presented how the pre-arranged campaign using the false allegation of terrorism was used against the country. The Emir also highlighted that the blockade was imposed with an aim to destabilize its economy, and make its people suffer. However, Qatar’s economy has grow and the country believes that dialogue is the best way to resolve the crisis.

He pointed out that money that should have been used for ‘just causes’, is being used to create hoax image and fabricate statements that do not even exist. On Yemen, the State of Qatar announced free basic amenities, which will help fight the humanitarian crisis.He also announced that Qatar and UN have signed a new agreement to help fight Cholera in the country. Correspondingly, the value of education was given the prime importance and H H Emir Tamim stated “Education is the first line of defense”.

The French President, Emmanuel Macron at the 73rd UN General Assembly was among the much anticipated leaders in the open round of debates. However, as expected he strongly defended multilaterism and the Paris Agreement on climate change. He said “I do not accept the erosion of multilateralism and don’t accept our history unraveling”. Giving the solution he emphasized that “dialogue and multilaterism” can resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and all other problems.

His speech interestingly, also gave an insight that he and Donald Trump are not always on the same page. While Emmanuel Macron on trade imbalances focused on how to deal with such situations in order to guarantee fair competition on equal footing, Trump said that the days of fair trade are over. Likewise, Macron called for sensible solutions on Immigration, whereas the American President called immigration as source of criminality.

Jordan King Abdullah II took the center stage to urge the United Nations to continue helping the Palestinians, following the United States decision to halt the U.N. agency for Palestinian refugees.

“It would be a terrible mistake to abandon youth to the forces of radicalism and despair,” “We need to support full funding of UNRWA [The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East and other vital efforts to protect families, keep communities stable, and prepare young people for productive lives.”

President Donald Trump cut of $350 million in the U.S. funds for the agency, which has resulted in crisis, especially in the U.N. run schools in Gaza. Abdullah also gave a glimpse of hope to Palestinians, saying that he has secured a meeting in the New York and will look forward to securing funds for the Palestinians.

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