Will Donald Trump be able to Justify Presiding the UNSC Meeting?

Donald Trump will be chairing the UNSC meeting today as part of the rotational presidency. His hard-line trade policy and defense of his administrations measures, received major criticism from world leaders at the 73rd United Nations General Assembly. It is expected that Trump will be using his first of its kind opportunity as an ‘opportunity’ only.

The United Nations Security Council meeting will put the “America First” president around a table with leaders of nations that share a distressed relationship with the US. The attending countries will include Russia and China. Meanwhile, Washington’s UN ambassador, Nikki Haley claimed that it “is going to be the most watched Security Council meeting ever,” considering the fact that US President Donald Trump will be a UNSC chair for the first time.

US-Iran Relations

The US President repeated his previous mistakes at the UN General Assembly, but subtly this time. Last year, at his first UNGA speech, Trump threatened and ridiculed North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un by addressing him as “Rocket Man”.

At the 73rd UN General Assembly, Trump aggressively targeted the Iranian government, to which President Hassan Rouhani accused the US government of leading an “economic war” against the nation and planning to overthrow his government. The word war erupted between the two in reference to the Trump administration’s withdrawal of US from 2015 nuclear deal with Iran.

In reference to Trump’s past attempt at mocking N. Korea, Ian Johnstone, a former UN official suggested, “You don’t want to spoil the sort of diplomatic atmosphere by interrupting or condemning and walking out every time you open your mouth — because it means you’re really not going to get anything done.”

However, on the contrary Donald Trump did not mock the North Korean leader in his second speech at the UNGA this year. In fact, the US President praised the leader’s “courage” in their ongoing nuclear negotiations, showing scope of him actually utilizing the UNSC meeting as an opportunity.

Nevertheless, this did not mean that the President missed his opportunity to show his hostility towards Iran, specifically by addressing it as a “corrupt dictatorship” that leads “chaos, death and destruction.” Trump was later joined by his national security adviser, John Bolton, who threatened Iran of paying “hell” if it crossed US or its allied nations.

Donald Trump’s speech at the UNGA meet received an unexpected response, when a statement made by the President was followed with an eruption of laughter from the hall. It is yet to be discovered how well does the President handle, justify and utilize his first time as the UNSC chair.

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