Tori Stafford Murder Case: Justin Trudeau says Conservatives “play politics”

The Stafford murder controversy and the ongoing agenda using the criminal’s name has become a major headache for Canada. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has accused the Conservatives of using the 2009 murder case of Tori Stafford to “play politics”. As opposition MPs stressed upon attacking a government’s decision to move one among convicted to a healing lodge.

In a tense exchange of words, in the House of Commons, the Conservatives remained stalled on their decision to move Terri-Lynee McClintic from a prison to the Okimaw Ochi Healing Lodge last December.

McClintic has been convicted of a first-degree murder and her role in the abduction and sexual assault of the eight-year-old Woodstock girl. The sentence for which without parole is 25 years. In December following the protest, she was transferred to the healing lodge, run by Correctional Services Canada. Justin Trudeau, on the other hand raised concerns over security and abducted healing lodge of having ‘medium-security.’

The continuous pressure thus invited a second review of the decision taken by the government.

While, NDP MP Sheila Malcolmson described the scenario as sickening exploitation, several consecutive MPs read graphic details of how things happened at first. Therefore, after a detailed insight and multiple rounds of questioning, Conservative justice critic Tony Clement described in detail how McClintic took part in Tori Stafford kidnapping, sexual assault and murder.
He further elaborated and said “Why will (Trudeau) not use his power and authority right now to do the right thing for Tori’s family and the right thing for society?”

Trudeau said he hoped Canadians would “pay attention to that question and this answer.”

“In 2014, the individual was transferred to a medium-security facility under the previous government,”Justin Trudeau said. “The individual is still in a medium-security facility today.”
Rob Nicholson, who served as justice minister under the previous Conservative government, in his statement given to ‘the Star’ expressed his concern and said that the Canadians’ should be concerned that McClintic is being held in a facility without a fence. Adding, that using the child’s murder as a political agenda is not at all justifiable.

Clearly, there is a propaganda going on inside the Canadian government to play the blame game, however the bigger concern is the lack of security, which threatens to hollow the decision making ability of the Canadian Government.

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