Argument- Can Pierre Maudet Sustain for Long in the Parliament?

Pierre Maudet is losing his throne and all the powers that he once commanded. Ironically, counting his days in the parliamentary decision making, Maudet’s love for UAE has made him lose all his charm especially after his recent trip to Abu Dhabi. The debate beyond just a formal trip to the UAE in 2015, continues to haunt him each day of his life.The latest development on the case, which was to decide on if the ailing State Councillor Pierre Maudet should keep the immunity regarding Parliamentary decisions or not, perfectly presented an opinion of what the people want.

While the parliament is usually divided on most issues, deciding on Pierre Maudet was an utterly easy task. The votes casted revealed that an astounding 90 were casted in favor snatching his immunity, 5 against the move, while another 5 were abstentions. The session of the parliament was held behind the closed doors, i.e. it did not attracted any media attention.

Besides, this is for the first time that Councillor of the state sees himself deprived of such a major power. The term ‘Gravity’ is used to describe such a situation, and it has been brought forward by socialist Thomas Wenger. According to whom, “Pierre Maudet has evoked a private trip to Abu Dhabi. This is false. It falls under a suspicion of acceptance of advantage, or even corruption.” He further pointed out that everything was done in a well planned manner, and the purpose of the trip must be explained, emphasizing say if it is linked to granting to the company Dnata and a concession at the airport, and maybe if he had intervened to expedite a license for a bar in which, he celebrated his birthday. The purpose of Pierre Maudet’s trip must be made crystal clear.

On the other hand, Eric Stauffer bizarrely defended Pierre Maudet and called all claims forged. He called out that the UAE trip was organized because he was invited at the F1 and was only aimed to solidifying the contract. He further speculated that the Lebanese “just worked for Pierre Maudet to be one of 200 to 300 people who are invited each time by the Abu Dhabi prince, with all expenses paid. The magistrate could not then refuse to offer of trip, which could have otherwise been perceived as an insult.”

However, the majority of parliament remains stalled at finding out the real purpose of the trip. The United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) laundering of funds also raises a serious concern on how opinions could have been influenced, and molded for personal benefits. Nonetheless, what remains certain to the case is how Maudet’s authoritative powers have been cut to shrimp-size and how it may have already triggered his countdown of days in the Parliament.

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