Canada FM Postpones its UN Speech amid NAFTA Dispute

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister, Chrystia Freeland postponed her speech at the UN General assembly amid NAFTA dispute, as free talk trades between the US and Canada intensified. Freeland was scheduled to address to the Assembly on Saturday in New York, however Canada postponed and changed its schedule with another country.

The current situation though alleges a severe possibility that the speech may or may not take place even on Monday. According to a senior Canadian government official their country is making progress in the talks, but the uncertainty looms large over reaching the final conclusion. Besides, an official who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the conduct not allowing them to do so said, Canada will only sign a good deal.

Canada is the second most important partner or neighbor to the US, however it was left when US and Mexico reached an agreement last month to renew the North American and Free Trade Agreement. The Canada and US, however continue to find a common point of interest and settle the scores by the end of Sunday, when the US must make the full text of agreement with Mexico.

Interestingly, Donald Trump has said that he wants to proceed with the revamped NAFTA, even if it does not include Canada. The ideology however, on which Trump looks forward to pursue such a deal seems pretty baseless. It also alleges the fact that maybe Trump has authority from Congress to go ahead with such a deal.

Among other things, that mostly affect the common public, the negotiators are fighting over Canada’s high dairy tariffs. Canada also wants to keep a NAFTA dispute-resolution process that the U.S. wants to jettison.

US- Canada talks came to a break earlier this month, and most trade analysts could foresee the Sept 30 deadline to come and go without the country reaching to a conclusive result. They analysts suspected that Canada, which had earlier stated that it wasn’t bound by US deadlines, was delaying any further action until after provisional elections Monday in Quebec, where support for Canadian Dairy products runs high.

On the other side, trade attorney Daniel Ujczo of the Dickinson Wright law firm, who has been analyzing the NAFTA trends, said the United States put pressure on Canada, and said there would be consequences if a common agreement is not reached by the end of Sunday. Besides, Donald Trump has repeatedly threatened to start taxing Canadian auto imports, which will majorly affect Canada’s economy.

A no deal Sunday for Canada could really add insult to injury, because what trump administration signifies is the readiness to move ahead without its second most important trading partner.

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