UAE Violations: Yemen Suffers Under Aggression War

Last updated on December 20th, 2018

Overruling the demur of Saudi Arabia and its military ally United Arab Emirates (UAE), the United Nations Human Rights Council has extended the investigation into the Yemen war, which has led the country’s population to famine-like situation.

This move has come after a long-standing diplomatic fuss over a withering report submitted by the experts this month. It elaborated human rights violations by all parties involved in the conflict, and stated that Saudi Arabia, UAE and Yemeni government may possibly have committed war crimes.

The UN Council of 47 members had 18 abstentions, favoring the resolution that supported the experts’ report.

It reported a deadlock in the Yemen war, wherein Saudi Arabia and the UAE are fighting against the Houthi rebels. The militia rebels, who are allegedly backed by Iran, have taken the control over capital, Sanaa, and majority of northern Yemen.

The experts also said that Houthi forces had confined civilians, jailed critics, tortured captives, trained and recruited children to fight and hindered transferal of humanitarian aid. All of these actions could spell war crimes.

However, the panel also charged the Saudi coalition with air-strikes, embargoes and shipping obstructions for war’s victim casualties. The coalition was also charged for causing massive damage to Yemen’s infrastructure, which has put millions of civilians in difficulty. The report also mentioned rape, sexual misconduct and torture by security forces, managed by the UAE.

United Nations emergency relief chief Mark Lowcock, addressing the Security Council, said that the civilians were forced to eat leaves in absence of proper food stock. Mr Lowcock also raised a flag saying Yemen was heading towards a tipping point “beyond which it will be impossible to prevent massive loss of life as a result of widespread famine across the country.”

The world can clearly see a new mechanism of power, as fostering alliance amid Saudi Arabia, the UAE, US, Israel and Russia could be an alt-right movement.

In fact, there are several interesting stories about the UAE and Saudi Arabia purchasing apartments in Trump buildings, paying much more than the market price. This tells that all the three countries are financially associated with organized crime, and in all sorts of dirty ways involving money laundering and tax evasion.

How is the laundered money used?

The Associated Press’s recent reporting from Yemen has unenviable fact that the UAE and Saudi Arabia are engaged in cutting secret deals with Al-Qaeda fighters, paying hefty amounts to some for leaving key areas, while allowing others escape with weapons and looted cash. Several hundreds were also recruited in the coalition forces itself.

The laundered money is used for buying weapons through illegal sources, which are later channeled in hands of terrorists in war-ridden zones.

WikiLeaks released a document that exposed corruption behind a hush-hush French/German weapons deal with the UAE. These weapons have been supplied to the the terror groups, which are using them to wage a fatal and genocidal war against the people of Yemen.

It is ironical that the countries pledging to fight against terrorism are only the one funding the terrorists.

Unfortunately, the world becomes tight-lipped when it comes to Yemen. The war is seen as a diplomatic exercise where stories are presented and perceptions reshaped in the West. Such an approach to overcoming terrorism and extremism in the past have ended with deadly outcomes.

Its high time to watch out for actions of UAE and Saudi Arabia, averting them from supplying weapons, safe passage and funding to the terrorists.

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