French Officials Hold Iran Responsible for Foiled Bombing Attack

French officials have concluded that Iran’s ministry of intelligence was behind a foiled bombing attack, which targeted a rally organized by Iranian opposition group near Paris in June. The statement has come amid the falling Iranian economy, and vows to add ‘salt into the wounds.’

Statement released by the French Government, said that it had frozen the assets of two senior Iranian officials. Correspondingly, in erosion of events, the police in the French city of Dunkirk raided a Shia Muslim center that has close ties to Iran.

They made several arrests and froze the assets of the group because of their suspicious activities.

On 30 June, Iranian opposition supporters gathered in Paris for a meeting of the National council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI). The guests included US politicians Newt Gingrich, a former House speaker, and Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s lawyer.

Iran has designated the NCRI as terrorist organization, which is the political arm of dissident group Mujahideen e-Khalq (MEK). However, it is MEK that has accused the authorities of planning the attack near Paris.

It later also came up with the facts that the two Belgian nationals of Iranian origin- a husband and a wife known as Amir A and Nasimeh N -had been arrested by Belgian police in possession of half a kilogram (1.1lb) of explosive and detonator.

Further, in a series of events another man named Merhad A, was arrested in Paris and is accused of being an accomplice.

On the other hand, Tehran has come all guns blazing to its defense, denying any involvement in the attack. The Iranian have stated that the alleged plot was ” designed by those who want to damage Iran’s long-established relationships with France and Europe”.

“We deny the accusations and forcefully condemn the Iranian diplomat’s arrest, and call for his immediate release,” a foreign ministry statement said.” Adding ” If there is a misunderstanding… about a thing that does not exist, be it a conspiracy by others or a mistake, we can sit down and talk about it.”

Iran has already been sanctioned by the US. Besides, the continuous charges of sponsoring terrorism and conducting such attacks, will only escalate the pace of economic crisis.

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