Will Donald Trump Counter-terrorism Strategy be the End of UAE’s Clout in the West?

The upcoming elections in US have made a lot of people question Donald Trump’s continuity in America as a President. Considering US’ new counter-terrorism strategy, it would be interesting to see if it targets long time ally and supporter, UAE, leading terror activities in Yemen war through the gulf coalition. Donald Trump currently sits on a pile of reckless decisions he made in the past years that pushed US’ image downhill. With MBZ having allegedly helped Trump’s campaign victor the presidential elections of 2016, it is going to be hard for the President’s administration to make it through without using UAE’s help. Neither is going against the gulf ally an option nor keeping quiet about its war crimes and terror activities/support in Yemen is.

UAE in US Elections
The UAE has, in the past, invested heavily on Trump’s presidential campaign, both in terms of financial aid and with the use of significant contacts inside the White House and elsewhere. Even though the extensive lobbying network got exposed due to email leaks, names such as of Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwaters and the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed bin Zayed al Nahyan, emerged, stayed afloat and remained there for a very long time.

Although the meeting was made to appear as if it were meant to create only a back channel between the US and Russia. However, MBZ wasn’t there to benefit other nations, but his own. In fact, the 57-year-old prince was at the Seychelles meeting with one of his most useful contacts, including George Nader, his adviser and a Lebanese-American businessman along with top Republican fundraiser, Elliott Broidy, whose private security firm had benefited in millions through UAE’s contracts alone.

The growing clout became evident from the time US State Secretary Rex Tillerson was sacked following the lobbying done by anonymous UAE lobbyist. Meanwhile, later at the 73rd UNGA speech, Trump skipped the part wherein under human rights violation he was supposed to mention about the barbaric acts of the UAE and Saudi Arabia. All of Trump’s decisions have been well thought before being implemented, to avoid a collateral damage. However, with the recent development of bitterness in relationship with the gulf, it doesn’t seem that things will continue to remain the same way. Especially, after Trump openly stated that Saudi Arabia couldn’t survive without the US.

US Opts Counter-terrorism

Donald Trump recently gave heads up to a new national counter-terrorism strategy where the prime emphasis will be made on ‘pursuing sources of terrorism and isolating their support’ and an extreme focus set on fighting ‘extremist ideology’. With an unavoidable role of UAE nationals in the 9/11 attack, could this new counter-terrorism strategy be the end of all tolerance maintained towards the gulf allies or would it be just another election campaign agenda?

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