Emmanuel Macron’s reforms tagged as ‘destruction of the social model’

Demonstrations against the unpopular social reforms taken by French President Emmanuel Macron took an extremely violent turn on Tuesday. More than 160,000 people joined demonstrations across France displaying resent against the social reforms initiated by the the President recently.

Protesters including Students, workers and pensioners marched in cities including Paris, Nice, Nantes and Marseilles heeding union calls for Emmanuel Macron to “maintain the social model” considered to be under threat from austerity reforms by the protesters. They shouted it to be ‘destruction of the social model’

As per the records collected by the head of the hard left Confederation of Labour (CGT) union Philippe Martinez France nationwide witnessed estimated turnout nationwide at 300,000 considering it a success for the cause. Media claims are also been made of it being one of the largest of some 100 rallies across the country which followed after the French unions called for a national day of protest against Macron’s government.

The ministry of interior claimed of 16 arrests were made including nine in Paris. One marcher and a policeman were reported hurt as the wave of 300 hooded anarchists latched onto the rally, throwing projectiles at police, who responded with teargas.

The protests were triggered by the expected approval by Emmanuel Macron on to give his approval for a government reshuffle following the resignation of the interior minister last week recently which was expected to extend the restructuring to several other government positions. It was to replaced or see changes to their functions of Some ministers and junior ministers.

Since Emmanuel Macron is to head to Armenia on Wednesday evening the protests triggered on Tuesday. Where marchers displayed resent on the reforms saying that they had enough of “austerity, unemployment” and inappropriate pension policies Macron seems not to have given up.

This may became a major factor of affecting his already dropping popularity due to series of comments and perceptions surrounding his ex-security aide.

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