Canadian Cannabis Facing Shortage Only Two Days After Legalization

The recreation offered by cannabis got Canadians so excited that the country is now facing severe shortage only two days after its legalization. The drug’s unexpected demand also showcases an ironical addiction; country has fallen prone to.

The long queues of frustrated people unable to buy cannabis had to be controlled by police, who were called to help the shops struggling to manage such a chaotic situation.

Bill Blair, a former chief who has led the government legalization programme, in his statement given to CBC, public broadcaster, also expressed that the country was unable to supply enough to meet the demand.

“We expected, you know, certain strains might run out and there would be a bit of a run on supply,” adding “But, you know, they’ve got a pretty good infrastructure in place and I’m confident it will work.”

On Wednesday, Canada took a big move as they became the first industrialized nation and only the second nation in the world, after Uruguay, to legalize the drug. The recreation of cannabis however, remains a controversial experiment in the country’s drug policy.

According to the new law, upper limit to carry cannabis in public is 30 grams. Besides, each household will be able to grow up to 4 marijuana plants. Interestingly, the medical form of marijuana has been legalized by the country since 2001, and Trudeau’s government has spent two years on working to expand that to include in its recreational use.

According to Statistics Canada, an astounding 5.4 million Canadians are estimated to buy cannabis from authorized dispensaries in the nation. Besides, about 15 percent of the population i.e around 4.9 million already smokes the recreational drug.

A marijuana media platform in Vancouver, also estimated that Canada’s cannabis has enough funding to satisfy the current demand and will boost its production to around 400,00 to 500,000 kilograms a year.

The recreation of cannabis is also demanded in Britain, while it is still not sure if it will become the next country to do so or not.

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