Salvini Takes a Dig at France for Alleged Attempt of Dumping Migrants

The alleged border crossing and the growing concerns between Italy and France have hyped to become a real headache now. However, the unnamed sources in Rome have told the Italian Press that an investigation is already underway. The move has been majorly criticized by the Italy’s far-right Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, who took a dig at the Emmanuel Macron and asked: “Does Paris, which claims to be civil, find it normal to throw people into the woods?

The case dates back to October 18, when Italian police spotted an unauthorized van crossing in the remote alpine border. Therefore, the investigation sees to sort out if the gendarmes drove all the way to Italy in an ode to underage migrants into the nation.

As reported by the French officials, the two officers tried dumping two men out of the vehicle somewhere in the woods, before returning back to their French territory. The exact location of the incident has been reported as the border near the ski resort of Claviere.

French officials in their defense have said that it was ” mistake”.

Salvini has also called out that similar incidents have occurred earlier and as a proof shared, a self-approved video on his Facebook page. The criticism, however would have been easily acceptable if Italy could have proved that the same thing happened more than once. According to sources in his ministry, Italian officers said that in the case of minors they were able to ensure that the French gendarmes could not illicitly leave migrants in the Italy’s territory.

Matteo Salvini, has emphasized on sending police reinforcements to Claviere since the reports of illicit border crossing. He has also called for a permanent guard post to be established on the Italian side to foresee any such incidents do not take place again in the future.

“What’s coming out from Claviere just confirms that, when it comes to human rights, no one can preach to Italy,” Salvini railed.

Proving his point, Salvini cited that the alleged cross-border movements are a proof why France has no right to criticize his immigration measures, which he has made his priority since taking it to the office.

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