Italy Hit Back at EU For Rejecting Budget Plan

The government of Italy has hit back at the European Commission for the “expected” rejection of the budget plan forwarded by the Italian Eurosceptic Government demanding that Brussels show respect for Italian citizens.

It didn’t take long for the Italian government to respond through their Deputy Prime Minister, Luigi Di Maio to the European Commission’s rejection of the budget plan which was proposed by the Italian Government stating that they will continue to tell the European Union what they want.

The leader of the Five Star Movement demanded Brussels to show some respect for Italian citizens stating that the move was rejected only because it was the first to be decided against Brussels’ parameters.

The European Commission has reportedly rejected Italy’s 2019 budget. The EC will ask Rome to present a new document within the next three weeks, report has said. Di Maiowho took to his social media promptly, wrote: “This is the first Italian move that the EU doesn’t like.

“It doesn’t surprise me: it’s the first Italian move that has been decided in Rome and not in Brussels!

“With the damage done by those who governed before us, surely we couldn’t continue with their policies. We will keep telling the European Commission what we want to do with respect.

“But they have to show the same respect to the Italian people and the Government that represents them today.

“We will keep working with our heads high for the benefit of our citizens.”

According to reports, “Italy’s government of the right-wing League and anti-establishment 5-Star Movement has been locked in a dispute with Brussels over fiscal issues and presented a budget plan this month that hikes the deficit to 2.4 percent of gross domestic product.

“That was sharply up from a targeted 1.8 percent this year, flouting EU requirements that the deficit should fall steadily towards a balanced budget.

“Since receiving beefed-up powers in 2013 over member states’ budgetary plans, the Commission has never asked a country to submit a revised budget.”

The European Union executive last week warned in a letter written to Rome that the budget represented an unprecedented deviation from Italy’s fiscal commitments.

In has adopted more moderate tones in recent days, but the Italian Prime Minister, Guiseppe Conte has insisted that there is no reason why the deficit target should be changed.

In the midst of these, the Commission Vice-President for the Euro Valdis Dombrovskis has said that Italy’s response to the commission’s concerns was “not sufficient” to assuage fears and that the euro’s rules were the same for everybody.

Dombrovskis said “For the first time the Commission is obliged to request a euro-area country to revise its draft budgetary plan but we see no alternative than to request the authorities in Italy to do so.

“Breaking rules can appear tempting at the first look – it can provide the illusion of breaking free.

“It is tempting to try and cure debt with more debt. At some point, the debt weighs too heavy… you end up having no freedom at all.”

It is yet to be seen if Italy will send a new document as requested by the commission in the coming weeks.

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